Caught by Suprise by Medical Malpractice

The average surgeon sees about 20 patients a day and with over 53,000 surgeons that is about 1,060,000 surgeries taking place daily. With those numbers, it poses no surprise that there are at least 1-4 of every 1,000 patients who have experienced anesthesia awareness. Anesthesia awareness is when a patient is awake during surgery though they were given anesthesia.

Anesthesiologists are among the top 10 specialties for lawsuits. If you believe that you are entitled to damages our Ft. Lauderdale

Tips for Avoiding Medical Malpractice

Having a healthy and productive relationship with the physician overseeing your physical health is important. A healthy relationship could deter the possibility of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice occurs when a physician is negligent through their actions or by omission leaving a cause for legal action. This could include prescribing wrong medication, misdiagnosis, or even performing the wrong procedure due to having the wrong charts.

As a patient, you have much more authority in the do

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

What does it mean to be okay? To be okay in the present, does not define your everyday life. At

any given moment, the circumstances of your normality can become undone. What do you do at

Is it okay to not be okay?

It most certainly is okay to go through difficult cracks in time. As a human being, you are prone to be subject to your emotions. Some things that happen can cause you to have a meltdown, become sad, or overwhelmed. During that time, assure yourself that it is okay to take the time

The Importance of Fathers

While this is The Family Made Mom, it is necessary to discuss the importance of a father. What is a father other than the male parent? Biblically speaking, he is the one who helps the child with their identity. He speaks over the child, usually naming the child and speaking the blessing over them as well. He may also provide an education for the child and training the male children.

In your home, what is it that you teach your children about their father? Sure you may be a mother who is parenti

Time Management v Self-Management

It's time to understand the difference between the two and which is most important on a daily basis.

Time Management and How It Has Not Ruled Life

On the outside, it would seem that time management is the core that keeps lives running. However, understanding the true meaning of time management, especially as parents, will dismiss this notion. Time management is how time is managed using the thought that priorities trump hobbies and idle living. Yes, that is about as elementary as it can be but

Mental Health Awareness Month

As the spring sets in, we can inhale the fresh air and appreciate the rain as it waters the earth. We take each breath reminding ourselves to stay calm and never be afraid to admit when we are not okay. This month is Mental Health Awareness Month.

In an effort to highlight the importance of our mental health, we address the many support groups available through ADAMH and many others throughout Franklin County. The collective state of our mental health has only been declining as many face situat

Women’s History Month - We are changing the World!

From being muzzled and shuffled to the rear to becoming a voice of renown and reason, we have watched and congratulated the many women who have stepped from the shadows to help reshape the way women of today are viewed. Daily, we feel the excitement as history receives the rise of women all over taking their place.

This month we hail women worldwide no matter how big or small their role may seem. We stand together and clap loud and proud in solitude saluting every victory that has been won. As

How Do I Get Order In My Home?

Order is a mean word in some minds. When I talk to my kids about the importance of order, their faces become pale and somber. They just want to get out of the conversation by any means necessary. They are over it before I even get started and it shows in their posture and the slight tilt in their head that screams, “Are you kidding me?”

Many homes are struggling to grasp the actual concept of order and why it should be established in the home. While they struggle, their homes remain in some for

The Homeschooling Parent - 2020 Guide

Hopefully, you have already had a chance to listen to season one, episode eight of The Family Made Mom podcast. If not, please take the time to do so by clicking . It is a prelude to this .

Parents, we will not be overwhelmed by what we see or hear from anyone else's children. While your neighbor may have a child prodigy, you may not and do not have to. Personally, I refuse to subject my children to abusive behaviors of making them feel less than because they do not meet someone else's expectat

The Superwoman Myth

We are not superwoman #truth #notthatgirl

I often hear people say, “Girl, I don’t know how you do it! There’s no way I can do what you do. I don’t have the patience for it.” By “it”, they’re referring to how I manage to be a wife, raise five children, run two home-based businesses, maintain sanity, and still be active in serving the Lord.

I would like to put a silencer on that smoking gun. There is nothing in me that can do any of what I do without the help of God. No, really. If the credit be

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Your Neighborhood Doula

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Learning How to Speak Positively Course

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